Welcome to RADAR!
We are here to put at-risk dogs on the RADAR by raising vital funds and providing 100% of those funds to help get at-risk dogs out of shelters, into rescues and on to forever homes. The dogs we assist are the most urgently at risk in rural shelters, including senior dogs, black dogs and dogs with medical or special needs. These dogs are adoptable, but often need financial assistance for veterinary care. Your help will better enable us to save more at-risk dogs.

2014 RADAR-Assisted Dogs Slideshow

With your support, RADAR has been able to help these dogs in 2014. Each has a story to tell, and if they could speak they would say "thank you" to each of you for helping them have a 2nd chance at life. Please visit our Featured Dogs page, and donate. Without your support, we cannot say "yes" to assistance requests. Thank you!

Featured Dogs

Senior Dogs

Senior dogs don't start out as seniors. They were carefree, vibrant puppies, but they age just like humans do. Many, unfortunately, find themselves unwanted when they get older. Seniors are one type of dog that we have put on our RADAR.

Black Dogs

Black dogs are more likely to be euthanized in shelters than any other color dog. This phenomenon is known as "Big Black Dog (BBD) Syndrome. Black dogs are one type of dog that we have put on our RADAR.